Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)

Project name USV
Project Title Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Abstract The Unmanned Surface Vehicle was designed to increase efficiency and autonomy abilities when conducting marine research. The basic materials provided for the project was a Yamaha jet ski that had not been modified in any way. The task of creating a remote control and basic autonomous vehicle was given to five mechanical and four electrical engineering students, in order to fulfil the vehicles’ operational requirements. The conversion of all mechanical processes such as the steering, throttle, and choke adjustment were to be redesigned to be remotely adjusted using electronic components, removing the need for an operator on the machine. This project also created a connection between the customer and the engineering department. The SMAST research center will be using the vehicle as long as expectations are met. The purpose of the requirements was to create a platform that can be recreated or adjusted in order to continue work between SMAST and the engineering department. The basic expectations of the vehicle were to operate at a minimum of 5 knots, remotely operate all controls, and have basic autonomy waypoint abilities.
Faculty advisor Dr. Kihan Park
Sponsor Russ Sylvia and Phil Nicolescu
Team lead Andrew Pratt
Team Members Jared Dubois, Mark Mesdary, Austin Sa, Riely Thorpe

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