Magnetic Nanoparticle Heater Design

Project name Jerry’s Heaters
Project Title Magnetic Nanoparticle Heater Design
Abstract Induction heating is a process that internally heats conductive material through eddy currents and friction when it is exposed to an alternating magnetic field (AMF). Induction heating has been a common technique used in manufacturing and metal hardening, but more recently has been used in fields such as biotechnology. Dr. Sankha Bhowmick and Dr. Caiwei Shen, Mechanical Engineering faculty at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, have demonstrated the use of Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNP) with induction heating to aid in drug release and local heating in-vitro (Outside a living Organism) coupled with their drug delivery systems (DSS). Their goal is to demonstrate this capability in-vivo (inside a living organism), such as a mouse, but need an improved induction coil that can target twice the diseased area and twice the local heating than the induction coil in their lab. Along with an improved induction coil, an appropriate mouse containment was developed to hold a mouse in place during this procedure. It has been demonstrated through mathematical, simulation, and experimental methods that these parameters could be achieved by increasing/decreasing the coil diameter and number of turns while utilizing the existing power supply output. This would increase the alternating magnetic field (AMF) and change the applied frequency, which in turn affected the localized heating within these MNPs and the capable range of the AMF. Given the new geometry size of the induction coil, a mouse containment was designed and demonstrated. This project is hypothetical, and no mice were tested on, instead, in-vitro techniques were applied to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution.
Faculty advisor Dr. Sankha Bhowmick and Dr. Caiwei Shen
Sponsor Dr. Sankha Bhowmick and Dr. Caiwei Shen
Team lead Adam Fiore
Team Members Ersen’S Joseph                 Joshua Letizia                Guidwo Sinord

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