Optical Clarity Sensor Test Stand

Project Name Ultrapure Optics
Project Title Teledyne Optical Clarity Sensor Stand


Teledyne Marine uses their Slocum Glider in combination with the Sequoia LISST-Tau Optical Sensor to monitor ocean water. The Teledyne team enlisted the mechanical engineering team at UMass Dartmouth to create a test stand in order to verify the calibration of the LISST-Tau sensor once it has returned from the ocean. This test stand needed to be able to produce ultrapure, degassed water that is capable of performing clear-water baseline readings through the optical sensor. The test stand must also be able to be used by a Teledyne technician easily and intuitively. Since given this task the team has designed a system that utilizes filtration, degassers, water tanks, pumps, and sensors in order to accomplish this design need. This whole system was designed to be encompassed in a prefabricated portable wrack so that it can easily be moved around, and it utilizes gravity to obtain and control the slow, laminar flow passing through the sensors.
Faculty Advisor Dr. Vijaya Chalivendra
Sponsor Jesse Desrosiers
Team Lead Thomas Dawicki
Team Members Katelynn Peterson, Kaleigh Scott, Ayman Abdelkhareem, Patrick Chevalier

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