New Product Development: Car Organizer

Project Name Collapsible Solutions
Project Title New Product Development: Car Organizer
Abstract The purpose of this project was to develop a new product that aims to better organize the trunk space of the vehicle. We found that people usually pile items vertically in the trunk space and this new product would aim to allow customers to better utilize the trunk space. This was done by creating a base that would be inserted into the back of your trunk which would allow accessories to then interface with the base product. This was accomplished via numerous prototypes. The final design consists of four walls which make up the base structure. The base structure was able to fold into a compact package with the accessories enclosed. While we do not have a physical full-scale mock up, we did detail our designs enough to 3D print something at scale and present our full-scale ideas to manufacturers for feedback.
Faculty Advisor Dr. Alex Fowler
Sponsor Alex LeGendre
Team Lead Josh Caron
Team Members Benjamin Adams, Jake Wilkinson, and Matthew Barboza

From left to right: Benjamin Adams, Joshua Caron, Matthew Barboza, Jake Wilkinson

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