Senior Design Fact Sheet

In AY 2021-2022, our program is running 9 projects. 4 projects are sponsored directly by our MNE faculty. We have one project that is targeting Marine Energy Collegiate Competition by DOE. Four projects are tackling needs in the area of Blue Economy.

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Faculty Advisor Project Title Sponsor
Dr. Kihan Park Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Dr. Ramprasad Balasubramanian (Acting sponsors:  Philip Nicolescu and Russ Sylvia)
Dr. Alex Fowler New Product Development: Car Organizer Alex Legendre
Dr. Jun Li Automatic calibration of precision microliter dispense pumps
Sean Madden, Fluid Metering, Inc
Dr. Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh Wave Generator Design and Fabrication for Fluid-Structure Interactions Laboratory Laboratory for Fluid-Structure Interactions Studies directed by Dr. Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh
Dr. Hangjian Ling Fabrication and Evaluation Drag Reduction of Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces. Ling Lab directed by Dr. Hangjian Ling
Dr. Kihan Park  Automated Catalyst Wrapping Station Ray Surprenant, Davico Mfg
Dr. Vijaya Chalivendra Optical Clarity Sensor Test Stand
Jesse Desrosiers, Teledyne Marine
Dr. Sankha Bhowmick and Dr. Caiwei Shen Magnetic Nanoparticle Heater Design Dr. Sankha Bhowmick and Dr. Caiwei Shen
Dr. Dan MacDonald & Dr. Mehdi Raessi Design and Testing for MADWEC Dr. Dan MacDonald & Dr. Mehdi Raessi